Product Development Engineer

Jan 3, 2024

Reporting to: Senior Director of Engineering

Job Requirements:
This position requires extensive knowledge in the fields of Mechanical Engineering gained through academic education and practical experience in the areas of tool and machine design, production processes and functions of manufacturing machinery. Must be able to perform 2D & 3D modeling, digital surfacing, drawing creation, reverse engineering, process analysis, component selection, purchasing, vendor management and project management. Experience in 3D printing, plastic injection molding, metal stamping, machining, cold forming & assembly equipment is a plus. Must have a college degree or equivalent education and experience.

Position Purpose:
This position plans and develops new or revised products, plus tooling, machinery and equipment to produce component parts for wheels and conveyor bearings.

Nature and Scope:
This position reports to the Senior Director of Engineering. There is no one reporting directly to the incumbent.
The engineering department designs, develops, test and submits to manufacturing new or improved products, systems and equipment for the production of wheels and conveyor bearings. Engineering also provides assistance to manufacturing by helping to identify and resolve tooling and equipment which could curtail production.

Position Description:
The incumbent has specific projects assigned by the Senior Director of Engineering which will require analysis, planning, designing and drafting of new or revised product, tooling, machinery or equipment to provide a quality product at minimum cost. This position estimates project cost, and resulting potential savings as justification, and presents the project to the Senior Director of Engineering.

When project is approved the incumbent requisitions all needed materials or services, monitors approved budget figures and directs the project to completion. The incumbent then trains FRANTZ personnel to effectively operate the equipment or machinery as designed.

This position assists manufacturing in identifying and solving production and quality control problems.

Major Challenges:
To attain improved production and quality while minimizing production cost. Training of personnel to properly operate the equipment so it performs as designed. The prompt identification and solving of manufacturing, or quality control problems.

Incumbent under the supervision of the Senior Director of Engineering must monitor approved projects and advise the Senior Director of Engineering of variance in budget, and completion schedule. All tooling, machinery and equipment must be designed within O.S.H.A. guidelines.

Incumbent is responsible for quality control of all items manufactured on the tooling, machinery or equipment he designed. Incumbent has freedom to resolve daily routine manufacturing problems without consulting with the Senior Director of Engineering.

The incumbent needs a thorough knowledge of available equipment and manpower at FRANTZ to determine if required tooling, equipment and machinery can be built at FRANTZ, or if the project must be built in part by someone else.

This position advises the Plant Superintendent regarding the work performance of those employees who operate the equipment designed by the incumbent.

This position has daily contact with factory personnel and various department heads to resolve manufacturing or products problems, and offer consultation or advise.

The Incumbent spends time as needed to consult with suppliers here or at location of supplier, regarding equipment or machinery FRANTZ may purchase, or for assistance in the event of problems after purchase.
The incumbent is urged to belong to professional organizations which could improve engineering skills and abilities.

Principal Accountabilities:
1. Achieve minimum production cost through design or redesign of product, tooling, machinery and equipment.
2. Ensure minimum curtailment of production by prompt and accurate identification and solving of manufacturing problems.
3. Ensure the satisfactory operation of new or revised equipment and machinery through proper training of FRANTZ personnel.
4. Ensure that approved projects are completed in a timely and satisfactory manner, within budget figures, by monitoring work in progress.
5. Ensure that tooling, machinery or equipment will function as designed by providing accurate drawings and designing within the limits of company equipment and personnel.

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