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Stainless Steel Skate Wheels
In 1934 FRANTZ entered the roller skate business and went on to produce “skate wheels” for the material handling industry since 1937. We supplied Conveyor Wheels to our military during World War II. We know wheels.

Providing quality engineered Conveyor Wheel options for our customers is a FRANTZ value. Many of our Conveyor and Skate Wheel models are available in Stainless Steel which offers a greater range of protection from corrosion due to chemicals and the environment. These Conveyor Wheels are often used in outdoor, wash down, highly corrosive, and food processing environments. Because of the material chemistry, load ratings for Stainless Steel Skate Wheels may be less than those published for carbon steel skate wheels. Please contact our Customer Service representatives for questions regarding load ratings.

FRANTZ utilizes two types of Stainless Steel in our Stainless Steel Conveyor Wheel offerings:

300 Series Stainless Steel
This material is an austenitic non-magnetic steel which cannot be hardened by heat treatment. The steel hardens under pressure of use and provides reasonably good life under moderate loads. 300 Series Stainless Steel has a higher corrosion resistance than 400 Series Stainless Steel and can be used in high heat applications with temperatures up to 850°F with significantly reduced load rating. Load rating declines as temperature increases beyond normal ranges due to the effect of heat on the chemistry of the metal.

400 Series Stainless Steel
This material is a martensitic steel which is hardened by heat treatment. The stresses of the hardening transformation cause the material to exhibit permanent magnetic properties if magnetized in the hardened condition. Corrosion resistance is lower than 300 Series material but load carrying capability in the 400 Series is equal to related carbon steel conveyor wheel designs. These wheels can be used in applications with temperatures up to 450°F.

Model Outer Race Matl Inner Race Matl Ball Matl Other Component Matl Body Diameter
2112 300 300 400 300 1 15/16
2113 300 300 400 300 1 15/16
31SS 300 300 400 300 1 15/16
0041 300 300 400 Alum 1 15/16
0015 300 300 400 300 1 17/32
0016 300 300 400 300 1 17/32
0044 300 400 400 300 2.270
0045 300 400 400 300 2.270
0047 300 400 400 300 2.270
0049 300 400 400 300 2.270
0046 300 400 400 300 2.270

Regardless of the type of stainless material, the lubrication used should be compatible with the temperature. Dry lubricants such as Graphite or Molybdenum Disulfide should be considered in high temperature or high pressure applications as they do not smoke or vaporize away as with a petroleum based product. The degree of heat, the length of time a wheel is subjected to that heat, and the movement of air over the wheels (as in drying ovens) are factors that should be considered in selecting the type of lubrication for the conveyor wheel. Depending upon the application, customers may choose to run the wheels dry but the expected life will be reduced when running with no wheel lubrication. Click for Technical Information on standard conveyor wheel lubricants used in FRANTZ Conveyor and Skate Wheels. Contact our Customer Service representatives for consultative advice for lubricants in specialty applications.

In determining Stainless Steel material types for Conveyor Wheel components, FRANTZ engineers selected a cost effective combination of material types best suited for our customer’s applications. The most important components that determine wheel life are the Outer Race, the Inner Race and the Ball complement. Click for a diagram of Conveyor Wheel componentry. The Stainless Steel series type combinations are as follows: 

Wheel materials can be substituted and modified to suit your application and our engineers have custom designed wheels and materials to meet customer needs. FRANTZ provides expert advice to help you select the correct materials and lubricants for your Stainless Steel Conveyor and Skate Wheels.

Stainless Steel Conveyor Wheels by FRANTZ. Simply better.

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